I resolve to change…

…the batteries in my smoke detectors. How about a simple new year’s resolution that you can knock out during half time of your favorite new year’s day football game and that could save the life of someone you love.  It’s as simple as changing the batteries in every smoke detector in your house.  This my fourth straight year of greeting you with this New Year’s day admonition and it strikes particularly close to my heart this year.

One beautiful day this past October Susan and I were on our way home having spent a lovely afternoon in Nebraska City.  Rather than taking our usual route I decided to cut through Murray and head west across Cass County.  As we past just northeast of the town of Weeping Water we commented to each other on how beautiful it was with the setting sun shining on the freshly combined fields.  Unbeknownst to us we passed, as we spoke those words, within a few hundred yards of the home of Michael and Michelle Speer.  The next morning we read that the two of them and their four young daughters had perished in an overnight house fire.  Whether or not they had functioning smoke detectors and if not whether or not having them would have changed the outcome I certainly do not know.  What I do know is that it is certainly  worth taking a few simple precautions in hopes of avoiding such a tragedy.  If you don’t know when you last changed the smoke detector batteries do so today and then once a year.  If the detectors themselves are ten years old or older change them as well. In the United States an average of 3000 people die in household fires every year.  Don’t let someone you love needlessly become a statistic.

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