Setting the stage

I am selling my house; does it need to be staged? Should I hire a professional stagger? For that matter what is staging?  Common questions with a wide range of answers.  We have all likely seen brand new model homes, that have been professionally furnished and decorated, and thought “if only my house looked like this”.   A variation on that feeling is what you are striving for in preparing your house for sale. We want potential buyers to say to themselves, “if I lived here my house would look like this”.  That said first and foremost staging involves presenting a property in the best possible light for prospective buyers to view in person and  for marketing photographs; the key words being “best” and “possible”.  Best varies from house to house but in general think clean, de-cluttered, taking advantage of special or unique features with a minimum of distractions. It is amazing to me  how the word clean can mean so many different things to different people but suffice it to say there are very few houses that would not benefit from a deep cleaning above and beyond the usual.  De-cluttering is easy; take a look at my office if you are not certain about what cluttered looks like. Most of us tend to accumulate stuff, some precious and some not so precious, and more often than not it is not as organized as we would like it to be.  The good thing is that we can take advantage of that fact in marketing a house by presenting an atmosphere that the potential buyer likely does not experience in their current living situation; a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  Opening closets doors and finding everything neatly organized with extra space gives the impression that if I lived in this house my closets would look the same way.  Take a look at your house from the perspective of a potential buyer. Did those three over-sized mismatched recliners in your living find their way there as part of some master decorating plan or was that the only place left to put them? If a bedroom is smaller than you would like it be do we really need to emphasize that point by having to squeeze between the extra dresser and the king sized bed to enter the room.  That wall of  family photos, while precious to you, leaves a buyer remembering you and your family and not necessarily the house that you want them to focus on. That bright red wall in the basement rec room may actually appeal to a few and yes “it’s just paint” but is that that the way we want potential buyers to remember your house.  “Possible” encompasses several variables including cost, capability and timing.  One thing we tell sellers is that in putting their house up for sale the assumption is that they plan to move.  If you are going to move you will, at some point need to remove all of your stuff from the house either moving it to a new residence, selling it, giving it way, or throwing it out so why not get a head start on the process.  Selling, donating, and disposing of are for the most part cost free and thus something that anyone can do.  Moving items to a rented storage space is not terribly expensive and may make sense especially if you are planning on purchasing a bigger house where you envision having more space for your stuff.  Once the house is clean, clutter free with obvious distractions dealt with we can focus on provisioning the remaining furnishings and decorations in the best possible manner.   In the case of a vacant property a professional stagger can recommend and, often times, provide a limited selection of furnishing and decorations to direct focus and highlight key features.   If you are not capable of doing or hiring someone to do all that could possibly be done then we, or a professional stagger, are available to help you prioritize  where your dollars and energy would be best utilized.

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