What about a crawl space?

A past client writes and asks; Do you have any experience with homes built with a crawl space vs a basement? Are they problematic as a whole or only sometimes? We certainly do have experience with homes built on a crawl space foundation as well as homes built on a slab both of which are alternatives to a full height basement foundation.  Both crawl space and slab designs are generally less expensive to construct than a house with a full basement but are also utilized when soil conditions or water table level do not allow for a full basement. In some parts of the country crawl space or slab design are prevalent and in others areas they are comparatively uncommon.  On slab construction lends itself to one level designs and zero step entries often ideal for the elderly or others with mobility restrictions.  Slab designs can be susceptible to problems with settling or shifting soil which are extremely difficult to rectify after the fact.  Crawl spaces come in many different forms. Some have dirt or gravel “floors” others can have a poured concrete floor just like a full basement.  Some are so shallow that you literally need to crawl to access them and in others you can stand nearly full height. A crawl space needs to be configured, in terms of ventilation and or insulation, according to local climate conditions.  A damp, poorly ventilated crawl space can be susceptible to mold growth and likely offers little or no option for storage. In areas with high levels of radon gas it may be necessary to seal a dirt or gravel crawl space “floor” with heavy plastic.   A dry crawl space, especially one that is insulated and has reasonable access can provide storage possibilities as well a place to locate the furnace and or water heater.  With respect to valuation and marketability it really comes down to what is typical and customary.  A house with a crawl space or slab foundation in area with predominantly full basement designs can be challenging to sell.  If most homes in the area, or most homes of similar design or price level are constructed with crawl space or slab foundation then it may not be an issue at all.

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