Evaluating a potential contractor

You are planning a home improvement project. You have reviewed the applicable municipal codes, you understand the local permit requirements  and are now are ready to hire a contractor. You want someone that you can be confident will produce the result that you are looking for of course. Perhaps someone that has been recommended to you by a friend or neighbor.  You will want to see an example or two of work similar to your planned project that the contractor has recently completed. You will obvioulsy want to see their proposed plan and cost estimate. Before you sign any contract, however, there are a few other things to consider. 1) Is the contractor licensed as required by the local jurisdiction?  A few minutes spent on the internet could save you a lot of headaches; for Omaha you can start here and for Lincoln here. #2) Do they carry workman’s comp insurance as required by the State?  #3) Do they carry an adequate level of liability insurance? #4) Are they bonded?  Be aware that therhere are three basic types of bonds. A performance and completion bond protects you should the contractor fail to complete the job as contracted.  A payment bond protects you should the contractor fail to pay a supplier or sub-contractor. Finally a licence and permit bond gives you a level of assurance that the contractor will abide by applicable licence and permit requirements as the name implies.  A reputable contractor should be prepared to provide you with proof of applicable licensing, insurance and bonds. These requirements may seem onerous but if a worker is injured on the job, if a subcontractor is not paid, if the contractor causes an accident on or damage to your property, or if the contractor simply walks away from a half completed project you will be glad that you did your due diligence.

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