Window icing; don’t ignore it!

I woke up this morning to find ice covering the the lower corners of our bedroom windows.  A quick check of the system vitals (yes your house is an interactive system) revealed an outside temperature of 0.1 degrees, an inside of 60.0 degrees and an inside humidity reading of 28%.  This represents a big drop in outside temperature versus what we have been experiencing and I remembered, a little bit late, that I need to turn down or off the central “automatic” humidifier.  I am not an expert on such things and there are many on the internet for you to reference but I do know that many factors come into play.  The lower the outside temperature the lower you need to keep the inside relative humidity level.  While 45% is perfectly fine (and quite comfortable) at an outside temperature of 40 degrees when the temperature outside drops to zero or below you need to keep the relative humidity level below 25% or even 20% depending on your inside temperature.  The problem of condensation and icing was made worse, in our case, because we turn the thermostat down at night for sleeping comfort and energy savings and the window in question is covered by a heavy insulated shade which keeps the cold air out but also keeps the inside window glass closer in temperature to that of the outside air. A little ice on the windows may not seem so serious but ice eventually melts and it is the water that works to destroy everything in your house that it touches.  Left unchecked the wooden frame and sill of a window or door that consistently ices up and then thaws will eventually begin to deteriorate and will require repair or replacement.  Perhaps more important is the fact that if water is condensing on your windows it may also be collecting inside the walls or in your attic space unseen which could lead to even bigger problems such as hidden mold.  So take a tip from me and learn how your humidifier does or doesn’t work, get yourself a decent indoor humidity gauge and don’t ignore icing on your windows, it is your house telling you that something is not right.

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