Piano out of tune following a move?

A good piano mover can carefully transport your precious piano without causing damage but chances are it will need tuning once you get it in your new home.  I have been told that you should let a piano acclimate to it’s new surroundings before having it tuned so I, taking that advice to the extreme, waited ten months following our move last summer.  What I noticed more than the piano being out of tune was that coming out of winter several of the dampers were not freely dropping into place upon release of the sustain pedal.   I made a few inquiries and identified Ron Kroenke as a highly qualified piano tuner / technician.  Ron arrived with tools and tuning equipment in hand and spent about a hour and a half going over our piano.  He removed the keyboard action to gain access to the damper mechanics and made a slight adjustment that solved that problem completely then he set about making certain that each key was in proper tune.   His charge for the tuning and the minor repair came to $110.  I would recommend that you give Ron a call if your piano could stand attention.  Ron Kroenke, (402) 618-5660, www.omahapianotuning.com.

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